thoughts of a butterfly

Saturday, March 12, 2005

highlights of my week...

Highlights of my week:
a) Being with my sister whom I love.We got on well apart from when we argued as she wanted to talk on the phone whilst I was watching fame academy (darn it...I know you all think I'm sad but I think it was an entertaining programme and was for a good cause and I liked Reggie and Ade Edminson)
b) Making it through a whole day of teaching a v challenging class at a rough school.Was v proud of myself as apparently most supply teachers only make it to lunch time and then refuse to keep teaching them.Even got a card from one of the kids saying I was the 'best teacher'. Wondered if this was cos I told the class letters would be sent to their parents about their behaviour.
c)Scoring a goal in football.
d)Being told I have similarities to a famous model (will not reveal which one as I have since looked in the mirror and found I look nothing like her and realise the girl who thought this is a bit crazy in her head).
e)Being kissed on the cheek by Andrew's slightly drunk brother (well, it always nice to recieve affection even if it is from a drunk man)
and now I will sleep. love valx
My body is tired but my mind is active.That is why I am writing. My fingers are typing what my mind is thinking. I am thinking that it is amazing how our brains works.In fact it blows me away. Our brains are ruddy amazing.
Had a trip to London to 2 talks by a bloke who runs MOOT in Ireland.(a community of searching for God). I admit that I had to listen really intently as really I am not too interlectual. I admit that some of what was said went totally over my head. But, it did cause me to think about a)what my faith is about b)my relationship with other people on this God journey that I am on. This, I think, is what I think......?? a) I have to hold what I currently believe about God and the bible very lightly so that I am open to being wrong. My beliefs are ever changing and I don't think I'll ever be able to say that I believe something 100 percent b)It is important that I never think I am totally right about a faith/belief issue and think that others on the God journey are wrong. c)Being on this God journey is about continually seeking God. d)For me knowing God is about relationship with him and with others. It is about loving others and serving others and blessing others (man, I am not good at that).
Hmmmmm...not the clearest thoughts but never mind.
love valx

Friday, March 04, 2005


Friday is a happy day and i am happy it is friday.I hope that I get to see jen and hugh and alex tonight since I miss these guys and I like the fun. Tommorrow I get to see my sister and feel her baby kick.It is quite bizaree seeing her with a sticking out stomach but I am excited that I will have a little baby to look after and that I will be called 'Auntie Valerie'. When it is born I am planning to send it things through the post every month such as pants and socks and games and things like that. love valx

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Things I like a lot

These are the things I like a lot in life....
a) People....every time i spend time with a person it enhances my life (apart from when I spend time with people who swear at me or similar).
b)Games...I especially like scrabble, trivial pursuits, a game which involves saying words related to a topic such as 'things in your head', a game which involves making up jokes, a game of guessing what pigs are doing.
c)Teaching's a right lot of fun. I like what they say like: "Do plants have bones?" "Farmers don't like dandelions in their fields cos the animals might step on them". They make me laugh..although when I do laugh I say "I'm not laughing at you..I was just thinking of something funny in my head" (they believe me..phew!)
d)Cleaning houses which are not my own. I like this a lot.It brings me joy.
e)Snowboarding.I am not too good but it feels like I'm darn cool.
f)Doing things which are a little out of the ordinary. I can't think of any examples.
g)Singing songs. Singing is a lovely gift.
Love valx