thoughts of a butterfly

Friday, February 18, 2005


I was thinking and praying today and then wondering what is my purpose in life? Can anyone remind me as I have seriously forgotten.I think it is to love other people and put them before me which I keep forgetting to do. Hmm I think I need a bit of wisdom as without vision people perish (I hope I don't perish I would not like that). valx

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Darn it I have finished reading 'The beckoning silence' by Joe Simpson.It is so gutting when you are enjoying escaping to another world and then the narrative finishes and there is nothing you can do to get it back.This is what Joe Simpson says about reading:
'There is something about reading that takes you beyond the constrictions of space and time, frees you from the limitations of social interaction and allows you to escape.Whoever you encounter within the pages of a book, whatever lives you vicariously live with them can affect you deeply-entertain you briefly, change you view of the world, open your eyes to a wholly different concept of living and the value of life.Books can be the immortality that some seek;thoughts and words left for future generations to hear from beyond the grave and awaken a memory of another's life'

love valx

thoughts from the mountains

Lauterbrunan is very beautiful. I recommend it to anyone who likes mountains. I can now snowboard and that will be good for my street cred.There were 3 times as many blokes as girls which was very cool.I was pursued by an 18 year old boy-he thought I was about 20, poor fellow. 18 is too young for me.I liked his comment when he said he doesn't like watching boring programmes like Eastenders, neighbours and the News.Classic comment.I think I pushed myself a lot that holiday-one day I snowboarded from 9am till 8pm because we lost our way.It is amazing what humans are capable of......I am reading 'The Beckoning silence' by Joe Simpson (who wrote 'Touching the void') it is incredible what climbers can achieve and put themselves through.They feel more alive when on the brink of death. Love val