thoughts of a butterfly

Monday, January 31, 2005


I am going skiing on thursday and I also hope to do a bit of snowboarding. The last time i did this tho I feared I would die.. cos it suddenly dawned on me..what the heck was I doing going down a mountain on a piece of metal? That is really crackers when you stop and think about it. I think many things are crackers especially those things you pull at Christmas (not men by the way). love valx

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Things that are currently in my head

Things that are in my head: A brain, a spinal chord, part of a back bone, a skull, part of a gut, sinuses, eyes, visual pathways that connect to the brain, teeth, a tongue, ears, (for balance and hearing), hearing mechanisms, arteries, veins, nerves, soft tissue, lymph glands, salivary glands.
How does my brain work? There are 2 halves and there are different parts of each hemisphere: bits to control motor function and sensory function, there's a language centre (to do with communiction, frontal lobe (personality: creativity on the left/ right is the interlectual/cognitive/working thins out side), behaviour, right and wrong), all the senses connect in to the brain, hormones, regulation of the body, back of brain to do with balance and co-ordination,
Brain in two halves..connection between interlectual and creativity. Blokes dont have has advanced communication between both sides so cant usually communicate as well as women. Memory: teaching is like, been like, personality. All work together to create the thought..
'The brain is amazing' : it does lots of jobs, creative side trying to work out what's going on.
Physical functions that give us unique personality..thoughts. No part of brain to do with thinking.
Only use 10 percent of our brain.

Monday, January 10, 2005

I went to see a film called 'Garden state'... it was bloody wicked (the reason I have used the word 'bloody' is cos people have been accusing me that my word: 'ruddy' is a replacement for and as bad as the word 'bloody'. This is not true though I just like the word 'ruddy'.It is cool because it is used to describe someone who is red of face and I am often that. So those accusers, in my eyes are losers). Love from Valerie Austentaciuosx