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Friday, June 29, 2007

A few things to report:

1) My relationship with ginger monkey neice is improving. Until now she has let me hold her for about 2 minutes. However, the other day she REQUESTED that I, Aunty Val, give her a bath. That is a ruddy miracle.

2) The Pickerings are up in Sheffield this week-end and I am planning their tea right now. They are pretty scathing about my lasagnes so have opted for beef burgers and sweet potato wedges. I think they will be suitably impressed.

3) Face book is not so bad after all. Is pretty cool hearing from people you have not seen for years. I have now worked out that when you reply to someone you write it on THEIR wall NOT, as I have been doing, on your own wall.

Well this 'post' is not so interesting. Apologies. I am ruddy knackered. I'm not too sure why.

Love Valerie A x (I have started calling myself Valerie rather than Val just for a bit of interest and variety in life)


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