thoughts of a butterfly

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Things/ people/ memories that make me smile and chuckle

1. Kate Chedge..she is a comedian.
2. Hugh and Alex..they are pretty funny guys and quite strange at times too. They are also getting trendier by the day. Why is that?
3. When I took the register at a school in Broomhall and called a kid 'Forehead' by said 'Faheid' and I thought thats how you pronounced it.
4. When Andy Pickering did an improptu striptease at the commune new year party.
5. When I remember back to biblical studies when the lecturer asked me who I thought was the best judge in the bible and I said "Judge dread because he was brave, bold and defeated all evil". How was I to know that the guy sitting next to me- who helpfully whispered the answer to me cos I'd never read the book of Judges -was actually winding me up? How was I to know that Judge dread was infact a cartoon character and not in the bible at all?
6. When Jason went to a jumble sale and a woman said "there you are son, take this bag and take anything you want, don't worry about paying" as she thought he was a homeless man.
7. My dog when he puts a flower pot on his head and runs round the garden. Well, it is quite a sight of hilarity and could make me some money if i videoed it and sent it to the BBC.
Please add any funny stories and things that make you laugh and chuckle in the comments bit as smiling and laughter is very good for the heart and we need to spread happiness in this somewhat dreary world in which we live. Love Val de riex