thoughts of a butterfly

Thursday, March 30, 2006

FOUR JOBS I'VE HAD1. Acted and sang in Evita in first earnings and by far the best job I ever had. Man, it was wicked. 2. Was a tour guide for new students in Sheffield: I liked this job as I cracked a few jokes which made a few people laugh. 3. Silver service waitress: I got this job through an agency.They asked me if I'd done silver service before (which I hadn't) and I said yes as I didn't really know what it was. Had to waitress at a wedding. Was a ruddy nightmare. 4. Telesales job: I walked out of this job as they made me lie...the boss followed me down the stairs and pleaded with me to stay. I said "no, get stuffed". It felt good.
MOVIES/SHOWS I'VE BEEN ADDICTED TO:1. The O.C...although Dan Cooper or even Rachel Hall are way more addicted than me 2. Garden State: this, I think, is my favourite film. 3. Neighbours: I was in love with Jason Donavon and deep down I feel he loved me too. 4. Anne of Green Gabels: Man, I love Anne of Green Gables.
FOUR PLACES I'VE LIVED:1. In a YMCA with a few drug addicts, spiritualists etc. I was pretty scared, man. 2. In about 10 different houses in Sheffield and have had all sorts of random house mates (but ruddy amazing ones too). 3. In Hollywood hospital on sunset Boulevard where I was born 4. My parent's roof: I didn't live here but I often slept here.
FOUR POPULAR FALSE ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT ME:1. I'm random. 2. I lose all things (according to Kate Pickering) .This is not true... today I lost nothing. 3. I am deep. I am not: I am also shallow. 4. I always cook lasagne (according to Kate and Andrew). No, I have cooked many other things such as sausages.
FOUR PEOPLE I LOOK LIKE:1. An animal out of madagasca (according to a kid at school), 2. Bill Murray??? Seriously. Someone said that. I was quite pleased. 3. My sisters and my neice. This pleases me. My sisters are ruddy beautiful and my neice looks like a ginger monkey. 4. A new born baby. Once I woke up and my sister said "Man, you look like you've just been born'. That was a kinda weird thing to say and I was not too happy as I think new born babies look like squashed aliens.

This was sent to me by Naomi Hill. I'm not sure why but I thought I'd fill it in. Love valxx

Monday, March 27, 2006

'There is a difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is caused by things which happen around us, and circumstances will mar it, but joy flows right through trouble; joy flows on through the dark; joys flows in the night as well as in the day; joy flows through persecution and opposition; it is an unceasing fountain bubbling up in the heart; a secret spring............' (L. Moody).

I read this today and I rather liked it. love vxx

Saturday, March 18, 2006

My beautiful friend Jo Mortimer passed away on Tuesday after a year long fight against lung cancer. She will be so missed on this earth but heaven will be a better place for her being there. God please be close to her family, boyfriend and friends. Love valxx

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I bought three 'I wonder why?' books (kid's books but I learn't a few things too). Here are some of the coolest 'I wonder whys?':

Why are flamingo's pink? Flamingoes take their pink colour from their favourite food- shrimps. If these leggy birds don't get enough shrimps to eat, they turn a dull grey.

Which fish can climb trees? The last place you'd expect to see a fish is up a tree- but then the mudskipper is a very odd fish! It climbs with its leg-like fins, clinging on with a sort of suction cup on its belly.

Which animal uses its finger as a fork? A strange monkey-like animal called an aye-aye has one very long finger on each hand. It uses these spindly fingers to poke under tree bark for grubs and insects to eat. Then it skewers them, using its fingers a bit like you would use a fork.

Super animal facts. I like them. Love valx