thoughts of a butterfly

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

This made me laugh:
Rae my sister who is recently married was cutting some cheese and managed to cut her finger. Chris her new husband panicked and was like "Rae, I don't know what to do in this situation..tell me what to do."(she is the medical one). So she said "get a j-cloth". So he got one and said "now what?". So Rae said "dampen it". Chris, still panicking missheard her and thought she said "stamp on it" which does sound a bit like 'dampen it'. He thought this was a bit strange but then, she's the medical one so he dropped the j-cloth to the floor and started stamping on it. Rae was like "Chris what are you doing?". He answered "well you told me to stamp on it". That is way classic and it makes me laugh a lot. I like it a lot.
Off to France tomorrow. Love valx

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Me and Rach were moaning the other day..we were mainly saying that when you go to your parent's home for Christmas and you are not married (yet..please dear God!) you can get treated as if you are still like about 10 years old and like you are a second class citizen.. having to sleep on the floor rather than in a bed etc..But then we each had to say 3 positive things about Christmas to make up for being self-pitying moaners. Here are my three:
1) bread is very nice indeed.
2) The warm feeling I have inside when I see christmas lights, people smiling, a small child playing with wrapping paper, father Christmas in his sleigh and baby Jesus lying in the manger.
3) Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus coming in to the world which was a good thing I reckon.

And so a happy Christmas from me and joy to the world. Love val austenioxx

Monday, December 12, 2005

1) Today I'm feeling a little disturbed as I keep having flash backs of the picture Dan Cooper showed me on his phone. Maaan!

2) I am also rather disturbed that i didn't 'get' the last episode of the O.C...I thought Seth was going out on a boat trip to clear his fact he was leaving his family and Summer cos he couldn't handle Ryan leaving. Man I must be a little thick!

3) I like to eat mince pies. Unfortunately I ate 7 yesterday which is not so good for the figure. Especially at this stage of life.

Love Val.