thoughts of a butterfly

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Please can someone comment on my blog. I am a needy individual with darn bad p.m.t and a comment (if it was nice or of interest) would help me to smile. love valx

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Edinbrough festival was flipping amazing. I loved it. Me and Chedge went to see 6 comedy shows. I especially loved:
1) Cowards: 4 man sketch shows with a bloke called Tim Key we knew from university.
2) John Hegley: Andy Pickering's favourite poet. He spoke to me and asked me my favourite bit.
3) Mark Watson: this bloke who is from Bristol but has a welsh accent. V hilarious indeed.
4) Demetri Martin: V sereal and quirky and funny. I said to him "I think you're funny". He said "thanks dude".

Go to Edinbrough festival next year if you can. It was the highlight of my summer.

love valx

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The summer holidays (altho not too summery) turned out to be cool so far and have involved: hanging out in Sheffield, Bedford (with parents and dog), London (with Kate,andy,Jen,Hu,Chedge), New Malden (with sisters,husbands,monkey neice, friends Mouche and Kai,Kate and Andy) and cycling in France (with Nikki Shaill and many interesting and some strange people). Next i go to Edinborough fesitival for 3 days and perhaps Green Belt for 1 day.

Interesting happenings this Summer:
1) Seeing Bethy Hope the ginger monkey neice. She cracks me up. She is well hyper active and always on the move...the longest she has let me hold her for is 37 seconds (seriously). She can walk and say "Amber (parent's dog's name), mamma, dadda, moo" and some other things. She is 1 year old and is a clever old stick.
2. Cycling over 150 miles in one week.
3. Being asked to be Ali's bridesmaid and then bidding for a bridesmaid dress on e.bay. I have never used e.bay before now. It is fun but not so good on your finances.
4. Wearing my bikini in Sheffield town centre..this felt a bit strange (took the neighbours to the peace gardens and ran through the fountain).
5. Decorating my parent's spare room to earn some extra money.
6. Watching the Big Brother final. It is perhaps pointless but for some reason I like watching reality t.v. I am possibly a sad individual.

Lots of love valx