thoughts of a butterfly

Friday, June 23, 2006

Haven't been able to post for a while cos I forgot my darn password..that is what turning 30 does to you I think. Here are some things I am thinking:
1) I really would like a job..have had one darn rubbish interview and no others as yet. If you have the faith please could u pray 4 the right job for me.
2) I really would like my brother-in-law Kenny to get a job...he has had a few darn interviews but nothing has come of them. If you have the faith please could you pray for the right job for him.
3) I would really like Dan Cooper to get healed. If you have faith lets darn pray for him.
4) I find it hard that people die of cancer and get all sorts of crap in their lives.Darn it all.
5) I am a little down in the dumps re. the above things.
6) Oops..what a depressing post. The next one, I think, will be a lot more happy.
love valx