thoughts of a butterfly

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Just had an interview for Mastersun holidays to do youth work in Italy for a month. I don't usually do this but, I didn't prepare at all for the interview as thought that way God would have to get it for me if it was a cool thing for me to do (as I'm not that sure.)..... think I was a bit inspired by my friend Al who never prepares for interviews...She once got a job by giving these responses:
Interviewer (Arab man): "So why do you want this job teaching forigners English?"
Ali: "Uh, because I've got a real heart for kids in this area and i'll be able to see them after work"
Interview (Arab man): "Ah right, so do you think you'll be good at teaching English?"
Ali: "Nah, not really".
Interviewer: "Ah right. will you be able to start on Monday?"

However, I really hated the ruddy interview. Made me feel really vulnerable cos I felt like they were judging my character and relationship with God (I guess they were as that's what an interview's about). Realised I still have darn insecurities about being rejected as I have definitely been rejected in the past. Darn it all. Oh well, I think I'm pretty cool, especially since God invented me. I guess I should laugh in the face of rejection. love valx
(pretty deep blog today. Haven't thought many deep thoughts for a while. Hopefully won't think any deep thoughts for a while now. I prefer shallow ones about the OC or shopping or trees etc)

Monday, May 09, 2005

Life is sometimes amusing

Life sometimes amuses me. Yesterday I was amused that we got beat 16/0 at football. Today I was amused that I spent half an hour of my day getting my class of 30 kids to line up in a straight line and then marching them round the school in silence. Suddenly I took a step back and thought, man, if some of my friends saw me they'd crack up laughing. love val de rie a.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Just thinking about where I should live next academic about august or september. I have some options. Just wondered if there are other options I haven't heard about.. and any people that I could live with in a very easy and fun way. valerie jane austen.
I am liking this feeling of peace and some joy that I have today. I think maybe I have been synical about God for quite some time. Now I feel different. I'm liking it. love val austeniox