thoughts of a butterfly

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Things of slight interest:

1. I have a new little monkey...this time it is a I have a new little slightly ginger monkey nephew.
2. I am currently dying a jacket from grey to black (man that's not even slightly interesting).
3. I am now 31 but still, I think, look 25..that's what Joy French told me anyway. I think it could be cos I have no kids. But I do have some eye wrinkles. I reckon they developed due to teaching Y5 because they appeared at Xmas and at that time Y5 were stressing me out.
4. I cycled/ran 10 miles on Sunday.
5. I went to two of the worst bars in Sheffield on Monday night...Bar Vodka and Bar Ruby. I do not recommend you go. It was a cool evening despite the venues.
6. I love...friends, monkeys, life (although at the same time it is SO painful. MAN I hope this 3 year old girl in Portugal is still alive. Please Lord. Save her life).

Love valxx