thoughts of a butterfly

Monday, February 27, 2006

Crazy things:
1) I have signed up for the half marathon. At the weekend I ran 7 miles...that's the farthest I've ever run and I nearly passed out.
2) Rachel Hall told me her mother gave her a blue plastic bird bath for her birthday. That is a pretty unusual present I'd say.
3) I asked the kids at school a) what animal and b) what flavour ice-cream they would be. There were some pretty crazy answers- one boy's answers were rather aggressive e.g. "I would be poison flavoured ice-cream so I could kill people". Nice.

love valx

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Things that have made me say 'man', 'darn it' or 'ruddy heck' this week

1. Setting a tea towel on fire whilst cooking lasagne.
2. Doing my back in by picking up my baby neice.
3. Thinking there was a burglar in Catthers and Rach Hall's house because I heard a noise in their dining room..which resulted in me panicking and pushing Rachel Hall out of the front door, along the alleyway, and on to the pavement. She was like "what on earth are you doing?". I was like "I'm saving you from a burglar". She was like "no, that noise was the dvd player falling off the shelf because you tripped over the wire on your way down the stairs". Oops.. she now has a few cuts and bruises on her legs. I think I have an overly active imagination.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Please pray (again if already have) for my friend JO MORTIMER who has lung cancer and worried disease progressing too fast and won't be able to do next bit if her drug trial. Thank you. love valx