thoughts of a butterfly

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Man, I keep doing well spaced out kinda things at the mo. The other day I got some money (notes) out the bank to pay back a friend what I owed him. Then I drove to his house, pulled out of my purse what I thought was the money and put it in an envelope and posted it through the door (please was dark and I couldn't see anything clearly). Later he phoned me to ask why I'd posted a load of receipts through his door. Man, what a flipping loon... I'd put the money in my pocket and instead of pulling out money from my purse I took out a load of receipts from the shopping i'd done that day. I fear I might be losing it! Love valx

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

By the way if anyone reads Andy and Bea's blog...Andy Swan does not have a fiance (yet). I was reading their blog the other day and read a bit which said how Andy Swan and his fiance Jane babysat for them and I thought 'man, I didn't know Andy Swan was engaged I better get him a card'. So I went round and presented him with a card and congratulated him on his recent engagement. Turns out he's not engaged.Luckily he was rather amused by the mistake (which was caused by Andy Marshall asuming that they were engaged).
After one week of downess I am now happy again and I don't even know why. Man, the complexity of being a human being. Love valx

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Man, I am well down in the dumps. How many days did that take for me to go from being way high to way low? That is the joy of being me. Love valx