thoughts of a butterfly

Monday, July 18, 2005

More bullet points

To continue using bullet points:
1) In answer to Dan Coopers questions: the dodgy old man had black pants and followed me and rach for about 40 mins.I was quite scared and suggested hiding under a bridge. Rach Rook wasn't scared at all and said we could easily beat him up as he looked skinny and weedy and we, on the other hand, are rather muscley.
2) I have a love bite on my right was given to me by my 4 week old neice as she mistook my arm for a milk container and sucked on it for about half an hour. It was quite painful but it stopped her crying.
3) I worked in a nursey today which nearly sent me to sleep. However, there was a very cute 4 year old boy and instead of singing nursery rhymes he wanted to sing a rap song so I let him. It was quite funny hearing 'Insy winsy spider' and then a small boy rapping.
3) I have just eaten fish and chips with Nik, Han, Han's mum and Lorraine. They were rather nice and cost me nothing. It is nice when people buy you things.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Bullet point form:
1.Hmmmm. Still not sure where I will live in September and have 2 weeks to find out. So If there is any insprirational ideas that would be nice then let me know although I do have an option or maybe 2.

2. I love my kids that I teach...they are SO wicked I can't believe I am so lucky to teach them.

3. I am seeing little ginger monkey tommorrow.

4. I went swimming in a river yesterday and got followed by a dodgy old man wearing underpants.

5. Life, it is pretty darn wicked. We are lucky to live it. On the other hand, it can be ruddy depressing at times.

Love VALxx